Cobra Kai: William Zabka reveals his accident


The third season of Cobra Kai is underway on the Netflix platform, and the actor who plays Jonny Lawrence, William Zabka, comments on a terrible accident he suffered while filming some scenes of the series previously.

Not all the scenes that fans see from the Cobra Kai series, they are usually simple, they require choreographed work and preparation, In fact, William Zabka has had problems in some of those scenes and ended up with a painful broken toe. .

During an interview with the cast of the series in 2019, William Zabka, spoke about one of his scenes that he had filmed with his co-worker, Martin Kove, and that was “particularly painful.”

“That first fight took a long time. I pulled my hamstring, broke my toe! I stubbed my toe, nobody knew it. ”

Despite having suffered this injury, actor Zabka commented that he continued filming the scene and endured the terrible pain without saying anything.

“I had to limp to the side. My stuntman was there ready to jump in and do the scene if I couldn’t, and just avoid it. I didn’t tell anyone because then the specialist was going to come in and I wanted to do the scene! ”

Although he did not say it out of pride, William Zabka insisted on doing a quick self-treatment on his toe to quickly return to the scenes of the series. Without a doubt, the actor still feels too young to think that he can perform the same scenes as he did in the 80s.

With the arrival of Cobra Kai on the Netflix platform, the series has become much more popular, which is why all fans are looking forward to the third season of the show.

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