Cobra Kai: why a character will not participate in season 3


The third season of Cobra Kai will premiere on January 1, 2021 on Netflix and a very important character will not appear. It is Aisha Robinson, played in the first two seasons by actress Nichole Brown, one of Johnny Lawrence’s (William Zabka) first pupils in the plot.

Last year, on her official Instagram account, the actress announced that she would not be joining the cast of Season 3. At the time, Nichole wrote that she was grateful for the opportunity and the time she had had on the series, but that she was sad.

In a recent interview with TV Line, however, Jon Hurwitz, executive producer and co-showrunner for Cobra Kai, stated that Aisha’s absence will be explained early in the new wave of episodes. According to him and his team, the writers were unable to find an interesting place for the character.

“We love Aisha and we love Nichole Brown,” he said during the interview. “Certain characters that we love in Season 1 didn’t show up in Season 2, like Kyler, Yasmine and Louie,” argued Jon Hurwitz.

“It is not because a character does not appear for a period of time [in the series] that he left the universe, that he cannot return again,” reinforced the producer. With this positioning, it is possible that at some point in the future Aisha will return to the series.

According to Josh Heald, also an executive producer and co-showrunner, in the same interview, Cobra Kai still has many stories to be developed. “We have a tendency to see production with a very long view, in which the inputs and outputs are impactful and important,” he said.

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Aisha started the series as Samantha LaRusso’s distant childhood friend (played by Mary Mouser). After meeting Miguel Diaz (Xolo MaridueƱa), she joined him at the Cobra Kai dojo and became Johnny Lawrence’s second official student.

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