Cobra Kai: When the episodes of season 5 of the Netflix drama premiere


Cobra Kai must deliver to the fans the next episodes of season 4. The series will appear on the screens of the fans on Friday, December 31 through the Netflix transmission platform, presenting this new installment which promises to arrive full of intensity , when the students of each dojo face each other in the most anticipated tournament by all.

The good news is that fans will not have to wait long to see the arrival of season 5. Just a few weeks ago, when at the end of November the co-creators of the Netflix drama announced that they were filming the final scenes of the fifth installment, or that it was a surprise to a lot, since this was not expected to happen before the premiere of the fourth season.

Now, last Sunday one of the Cobra Kai showrunners, Jon Hurwitz, confirmed to the fans through the social network twitter, that they had completed the filming. Without a doubt, this puts Cobra Kai in a huge leap compared to other TV shows. Production work on the set reportedly began in early fall this year, a few months after filming for the episodes that will premiere next week.

In this sense, with the fifth season ready to enter the post-production stage, the question that many are asking is, when will these episodes of Cobra Kai that have just been filmed arrive on Netflix. With filming over, a season 5 premiere could be looming long before everyone imagines.

This rapid change could have to do with the fact that the cast and crew were unable to meet on set for more than a year due to covid-19, after the production of season 3 ended. Very likely, That Netflix is ​​planning to bring Cobra Kai back to its spring release, just like when seasons 1 and 2 premiered on the YouTube Red / Premium platform in May 2018 and April 2019, respectively.

The Cobra Kai production team could also be spacing these seasons apart, in case the sixth installment takes a long time to start filming. We must also remember that the drama seeks to take advantage of the youth of the cast of the series and the opportunity to keep them together on the set, since surely in the near future the actors will be making their way to be in different projects, and that if not at this time, filming may be difficult due to timing issues.