Cobra Kai: The truth behind the scenes of Mary Mouser and Peyton List on the show


As viewers await Cobra Kai season 5, comments from actresses Mary Mouser and Peyton List’s stunt doubles have taken all fans by surprise, as many thought stars used to do everything. his scenes in the Netflix show. But it seems that not everything is like that.

Since the Cobra Kai series began, viewers have seen some riveting karate sequences that feature the characters showing off their ever-growing list of moves. Many of the cast members voluntarily received some outside training to make these moments seem more believable on the Netflix show.

A clear example is actor Gianni DeCenzo, who plays the nerdy teenager and Miyagi-Do student Demetri Alexopoulos, who practiced Krav Maga, an Israeli fighting technique. As for his friend-turned-nemesis Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand), this actor got into muay thai, to improve the techniques he usually shows on the show.

But while the cast members of Cobra Kai often do some impressive scenes, not all of them do, especially the ones that are simply too dangerous for the stars. Which is why the producers decide to incorporate talented stunt doubles to perform them. Some of them are Jahnel Curfman and Julia Maggio, who often switch roles with actresses Mary Mouser and Peyton List.

During an interview with Jahnel Curfman and Julia Maggio for the Heavy website, they shared their thoughts on how replacing two of Cobra Kai’s favorite actresses has changed both of their lives. Where they had nothing but praise for their counterparts.

“I find it easier to do stunt doubles for someone when they’re also passionate about the action because then they’ll want to do the action and they’ll want to really blend the choreography between me and her and create a really good fight scene.” said the double Julia Maggio.

Recall that Peyton List plays Tory Nichols, a proud student of her ruthless Cobra Kai instructor John Kreese (Martin Kove), while Mary Mouser plays Samantha LaRusso, daughter of Miyagi-Do sensei Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). Which means that both are enemies because of the stories of their parents and their dojos.

Stunt double Jahnel Curfman also revealed in the interview that even though she usually does the stunts of actresses Mary Mouser and Peyton List, they often train really hard to stay in shape and do a lot of the Cobra Kai scenes. , to show that they can do it too, especially when using a bo staff and nunchucks, special weapons used in karate.

“That gun was with them, no matter what scene they were doing. As soon as they yelled cut, they were back in their chairs and they had their guns with them,” he said.