Cobra Kai: The Romantic Couple From The Drama To Take The Next Step In Season 4


Cobra Kai, the action drama from the streaming platform Netflix, returns to fan screens on Friday, December 31 with the new episodes of the long-awaited season 4, which will not only focus on the intense training of the students they will face each other in the All Valley tournament, but also in the personal lives of everyone’s favorites. (Some spoilers from season 4)

As recently reported, Cobra Kai season 4 will delve into the lives of some characters. Confirmed are Robby, who was said to go through enormous suffering due to his actions. Likewise, fans will finally meet the family of Tory Nichols, of whom only her mother has been mentioned in season three.

Another character who will also be at the center of the plot will be Anthony LaRusso, Daniel’s son and Samantha’s younger brother, who has never shown interest in karate and so far it is not known if he will start training with his father this season. . However, who had not previously spoken about what his arc will be like in the next episodes, is from Carmen, Miguel Díaz’s mother.

In Cobra Kai, Carmen is played by Vanessa Rubio from the first season of the Netflix series. Fans have seen her worry about hers her son Miguel hers while she maintains a kind of intermittent romantic relationship with sensei Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Recall that in the third between they were together again after she broke up with him at the end of the second installment.

Carmen and Johnny apparently stuck together in season 3 of Cobra Kai, after noticing the weakness of Zabka’s character when Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue), her love interest in the movie Karate Kid, finally appeared. Series star Vanessa Rubio recently spoke with PopCulture to discuss what will happen between her character and Johnny in the upcoming episodes that will arrive on December 31st. This revealed the actress to the medium:

“I think seasons 1, 2 and 3 really saw all of these characters evolve from where they started and then all the challenges that came their way and how they evolved. But season three, I think they were probably the hardest lessons for the lessons of Carmen’s life and travels in terms of her son and also her feelings towards Johnny and what’s going on on the show. But season four, I think it’s kind of a leap – a point out where we can see that maybe these characters find more happiness or make bigger decisions that lead to bigger consequences. So in season four, we definitely see a situation of them or not with Johnny and Carmen. And that remains to be seen. ”

Fans are fighting for Carmen and Johnny’s relationship as they want him to find happiness after all that he has been going through. The sensei was always there for Miguel as he helped him walk again in season 3. They are expected to finally realize their romantic relationship in the next installment.