Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues, Analysis


Interesting project but emerged in the middle of the ‘Revival 80s’ wave of nostalgia, the first season of Cobra Kai turned out to be quite a surprise and to become an example to follow of how to bring something from 36 years ago to the present time, with the mixture fair of nostalgia and novelty, tradition and actuality. Under a structure of short episodes and well thought-out cliffhangers, Cobra Kai does a character portrait on the two old rivals, LaRusso and Lawrence, initially putting the focus on the bully from the first Karate Kid.

To this we add a generation Z that discovers the purest eighties values ​​in the middle of this politically correct -and sometimes insufferable- reality of social networks. And he does it through karate, a concept that also sounds anachronistic at a time when it seems that the coolest thing is Mixed Martial Arts. Taking advantage of its re-success in its premiere on Amazon, which already has the 3rd season ready for January and is training a fourth, Cobra Kai has had a playable version.

And how could it be otherwise, it is a pure arcade ‘Beat‘ em up ’, a‘ I against the neighborhood ’of all the lives that, like the series, has been a pleasant surprise. Prepare to sweep the enemy’s leg, because “in this dojo we have a lot of bad blood.”

“An enemy deserves no mercy!”

It is a golden age for the ‘brawlers’: we have had the return of Streets of Rage with that work of art that is SoR4 -for many one of the best titles of 2020-; The Battletoads are back … And the Karate Kid is back.

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Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues presents us with a simple but ideal plot for fans, since it takes place at the same time as the second season of the series. After choosing at the beginning which dojo you want to represent, if Cobra Kai or Miyagi-Do, a story begins that seems like a mix of Karate Kid with an 80s production by Cannon Films, in which you must regain control of various areas of Los Angeles.

Ahead you have up to 28 levels and a trick achieved in that if you want to face the Ultimate Boss of the game and see the end, you must travel both paths, the cobra and the bonsai, playing with both dojos, which gives you between 8-10 hours of campaign. And as a good beat ‘em up, there is a cooperative for doubles to clean the streets with a friend, although only locally. A pity that it did not have an online multi, because it would get a lot out of it.


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