Cobra Kai: The good news confirmed by the creators of the Netflix series


The Cobra Kai showrunner confirms that the fifth season has finished filming, long before the fourth season premieres. The series, which is based on The Karate Kid franchise and follows returning characters Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, has been a huge success since it moved to Netflix.

Estimates shared by the streaming service revealed that Season 3 was viewed by more than 41 million households in its first 28 days, and it ranked in the top ten on Netflix’s trending charts in 85 countries, earning the No. one in 28. Counting the three seasons of Cobra Kai so far, 73 million households have watched at least part of the show.

Interest in the Karate Kid follow-up has continued in Cobra Kai season 4, which will premiere on December 31, as fans have been eager to discover new information on upcoming episodes.

It could also be gleaned from the show’s early renewal history, as Netflix is ​​best known for quietly canceling series that fail to attract a large enough audience early on. By contrast, Cobra Kai season 5 was confirmed even before season 4 premiered, and the cast and crew have been filming since September.

Cobra Kai season 4 promises a lot of fun drama and action for fans, perhaps most clearly with the return of antagonist Terry Silver and the focus on the highly anticipated All Valley tournament. But in interviews leading up to the show’s return, the producers made it clear that the series will not end with season 5. They have also expressed that, in terms of story, they have moved far beyond narratives that viewers have not even seen. . So while season 4 will look to address the fallout from season 3 and blaze a path forward, viewers will also be looking for clues about an entire batch of episodes that have already been filmed.

In turn, it has also been confirmed that Cobra Kai derivatives have been discussed, adding that some ideas for new series are more advanced than others in development. Longtime Karate Kid loyalists have their own preferences for where the show should go next. But regardless of those differences of opinion, it’s definitely a positive sign that the future of the franchise is strong.