Cobra Kai: Showrunner Reveals What’s Behind Release Dates Change


Cobra Kai appeared on the Netflix streaming platform on January 1 of this year with all ten episodes of season 3, a week before the initially scheduled date. The fourth installment, will premiere on December 31 on New Year’s Eve and promises to be one of the most intense in the entire history of the series that serves as a sequel to the Karate Kid films.

Cobra Kai season 4 began filming in early 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia, and the crew and cast remained in production on set through the end of April, leaving fans waiting for new episodes most of the year. . Finally, the premiere date was revealed a few months ago.

In a December 2 virtual interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Netflix drama creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg explained why the season 4 premiere date is appropriate and why what did not happen before, if the new episodes were ready to be released on the platform for some time.

The response from the creators of Cobra Kai was quite simple. They argue that if January 1, 2021 worked very well as the premiere date for season 3, why not do the same for the fourth installment of the Netflix drama. His reasoning is based on the fact that these are the days when the whole family is together and could enjoy the new installment together.

“New Years Day was a monster release last year for season 3 and it really felt good at the time. Our season was obviously pushed due to the pandemic and due to the platform shift, but our timeline of our show lined up perfectly with that because the story was heading straight for Christmas time. I felt all that kind of heat and confusion and then Karate and bloodshed. Netflix really built on that with the Auld Lang Syne-style marketing template. It was kind of a moment and it made season 3 a bit of its own event. ”

Knowing what they had in season 4 of Cobra Kai, Heald had in mind that the arrival of the fourth installment could happen during the New Years Eve celebration. And as the season 3 finale promised the alliance between Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) to defeat Cobra Kai, what better time than December 31 as the release date. This added the co-creator:

“I think it felt good as we headed into this season. There was some celebration, there was something to look forward to, there was something about turning Cobra Kai into their own mini vacation where they can sit with the family and watch the show together.”

It really is a correct date, the fact that young people do not go to school on this day and parents to their jobs, would allow them as a family to enjoy the new season of Cobra Kai. In this regard, the same release date is likely to be expected for season 5, which is fully filmed and entering the post-production stage. This Hurwitz said:

“This is a time when most people don’t work that day. The family is reunited. It has become a show where families often watch the show together so they can binge all day and then celebrate New Years Eve that night. Or you can save it for the evening and ring in the new year with it. It’s really a great time when people have time to binge. We think this season is going to be fun for people to take in. “