Cobra Kai Season 5: What will happen after the end of the series according to Ralph Macchio


A year after the third season of Cobra Kai hit the Netflix streaming platform, the subscription television service released all ten episodes of the fourth installment of the hit drama that has millions of fans hooked around the world, narrating the new story that led everyone to the All Valley Championship, the most anticipated tournament. (Some spoilers from season 4)

Cobra Kai’s production is ahead of other television shows. The crew and cast began filming for Season 4 in early 2020 and culminated in late last spring. And without announcing it, they began filming the fifth installment which culminated last month. Without a doubt, what is behind the scenes is a sign of organization and efficiency.

It was at the end of November, when the creators of Cobra Kai during a question and answer session on twitter revealed that filming for season 5 was wrapping up. The news stunned fans, who are thrilled to learn that there are more stories to tell sometime in 2022.

When asked about a sixth season, the creators of the Netflix series did not confirm if the series will extend beyond the fifth installment, but they assured that they are open to continue developing new stories about Cobra Kai, and now much more than Terry. Silver is the one in charge of the dojo.

Speaking about the future of the franchise that began with the Karate Kid films in the 1980s, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ralph Macchio, the actor who plays Daniel LaRusso on the Netflix series, spoke about about it when it was mentioned to him about whether there are movies to come. This is what he said:

“I’m not going to close the door on anything. Once this worked at this level, it would be foolish to say, “But that won’t work.” I’m open to all of that, of course, with the right content and execution. Even if they say, “Cobra Kai never dies”, at some point, we will have to finish this series and put the stories together correctly. And hopefully Netflix gives us a chance to finish it and then it’s ready for other chapters in other ways. ”

Netflix tends to be a service that often ends shows early, yet it’s hard to believe that they aren’t going to cash in on Cobra Kai’s every last drop. Fans are likely to get a season 6 or 7 at the end; but you have to be sure that the franchise will not get there.