Cobra Kai Season 5: Confirmed next Karate Kid character coming to the series


Cobra Kai, the successful series that premiered in 2018, appeared on the Netflix streaming platform with the 10-episode season 4 last December. The new installment brought back one of the most iconic characters of the film productions that came to light in the 80s, and as expected, the next season will finally introduce another of the most anticipated.

Cobra Kai fans saw Martin Kove arrive with episode 10 of the first season as John Kreese, Johnny Lawrence’s sensei who tried to make Daniel LaRusso’s life impossible in Karate Kid 2. So far, he remains one one of the pivotal characters in the history of the Netflix series, and it’s sure to have a wide arc going forward.

Martin Kove isn’t the only Karate Kid star to appear in Cobra Kai besides Ralph Macchio (Daniel) and William Zabka (Johnny). Elisabeth Shue, who played Ali Mills in the movie, brought the character back into the universe in the drama’s third season. And it was the fourth installment with which the villain, Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), was introduced into the plot, whose arc will also be developed in the next installment.

Just as fans know, Cobra Kai season 5 is fully filmed. Only Netflix is ​​expected to announce the release date, but in the meantime fan speculation is being made known through social media. There has been talk for some time of the return of Julie Pierce, Mr. Miyagi’s student in 1994’s The Next Karate Kid, who was played by Hilary Swank. However, nothing had been confirmed until now.

It turns out that Hilary Swank is the last big name on the table for Cobra Kai season 5. On a Deadline Contenders Television panel, Netflix series co-creator Hayden Schlossberg touched on the possible return of Julie Pierce Swank’s performer.

“Everything is possible. I always say if you’re a fan of The Next Karate Kid and you want to see Julie Pierce, who played Hilary Swank, we’re the show to see if that happens. Season 5 is coming out. It’s on the list. Everything is possible. Julie Pierce is one of the toys in the toy chest, so we’ll see.”

Although Julie Pierce’s return with Cobra Kai season 5 hasn’t been confirmed for sure, fans will most likely see her again immerse herself in the fascinating history of the Miyagi universe when the next few episodes hit fan screens.