Cobra Kai season 3: all about the Netflix series


Cobra Kai has drawn public attention in recent years for bringing such beloved characters back into a new story. It is a warm visit to what would have happened to Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), from Karate Kid (1984), after just over 30 years.

After 2 seasons shown on streaming YouTube Premium, the plot has been transferred to Netflix and its new episodes are the best so far. The narrative continues to use the usual formula, but perhaps with greater seriousness and scripts that are better resolved and managed. The episodes are linked between drama and comedy, with extremely exciting animated moments.

As much as some characters seem stagnant, we see how the rivalries that endured were articulated with a certain evolution.

Gradually, we also see how the characters matured, with unforgettable dialogues and interesting scenes, as in the case of Johnny, who is more concerned with his son Robby (Tanner Buchanan), realizing that his absence in his life for years can take a new approach. and configuration. There are still provocative questions regarding Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) and rival Larusso himself, who seems to continue with the usual behaviors.

The reflection put to the test throughout this season brings good moments to the screen, reinforcing that some things need to change so that their pupils can continue fighting in a healthy way.

Learn about the 3rd season of Cobra Kai

If in the previous seasons there was doubt about how to articulate the old plots with the new characters – and promote relevant special appearances -, the new wave of episodes is much more resolved in this aspect, bringing challenges to the protagonists.

There is a greater effort to unravel intense conflicts and to really show the gradual evolution of all those who appear. The background information of the characters ends up in the background, but is developed nonetheless. In this sense, we see that everything that has already been shown is part of a constructive baggage for this much-needed maturation.

As much as all the dramatic elements are on the scene for those who want to check, it is important to emphasize that the subtlety of how these relations take place is what impresses and shows how the narrative force is much sharper in the new episodes.

Furthermore, the engaging and playful style, which is also filled with the striking attunement of the characters, still marks the season.


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