Cobra Kai: Revealed a Karate Kid scene that was not shot in theaters, but on Netflix


The Karate Kid has become one of the most popular productions in history, and this is evident thanks to its prequel, Cobra Kai, which, after so many years, took the risk of continuing the acclaimed and interesting story that attracted a huge number of spectators.

As we will remember, Cobra Kai started with its debut on YouTube, and later decided to expand to the streaming platform, Netflix. However, the interesting thing about this whole story is that, one of the parts of the original film did not get to be broadcast in theaters, but instead, Netflix decided to include it in one of its scenes.

Of course, this has been an interesting fact that Netflix subscribers and old fans of The Karate Kid have managed to capture. During its four seasons, Cobra Kai has managed to incorporate flashbacks from the original story into its production, a key resource that is able to connect the events of this series with the movies.

As Netflix subscribers await the arrival of the fifth season of Cobra Kai, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka have revealed details that few knew. Of which, many have come to light thanks to these shots, which for the most part did not appear in the famous movies, however, they managed to be part of this spin-off series.

It was one of the Cobra Kai showrunners who revealed that one of the scenes that appeared in the series did not appear in the movie The Karate Kid, as confirmed by Jon Hurwitz through his social platform Twitter to answer the concern of one of the fans of this franchise.

What is the scene from The Karate Kid that was revealed by Netflix?

It is a flashback included in the fourth season of Cobra Kai, however, it does not fit with what was shown in the movie The Karate Kid II. In the scene, Mr. Miyagui (Pat Morita) can be seen confronting John Kreese (Martin Kove), after he attacked Johnny Lawrence at the end of the tournament.

What wasn’t revealed in theaters was a part where Lawrence tells Kreese that he sucks. This was a detail made on purpose, and Jon Hurwitz congratulated the viewer for “having a good eye.” Although it was not mentioned if there are other deleted scenes of The Karate Kid, possibly if they exist, we will have to wait for the next installment and find out through Netflix.