Cobra Kai: Reveal Which Other Villain Returns With First Sneak Peek Of Season 5


Cobra Kai, the sequel to Karate Kid, returned to fan screens on December 31 with a total of ten intense episodes of season 4 as promised by Netflix. The students of John Kreese and Terry Silver, as well as those of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, finally saw each other in the most anticipated tournament of the year, All Valley. (Season 4 and 5 spoilers)

Cobra Kai season 4 delved into the subject of rivalries between dojo students, as well as the one that Johnny and Daniel have had for decades, since the events of the Karate Kid. Now, the new installment did not leave Johnny and Miguel on the best terms after the first two discovered along the way what their mistakes were. However, the insecurities between them continue but that will be explored in the next season.

The new episodes also delved a bit into Terry Silver’s past, Tory Nichols’ family life, as well as Robby’s reflections on her actions since the drama began and what her relationship with his father Johnny has been like. All these factors that greatly influence the plot of the series, were addressed by co-creator of the series, John Hurwitz after the premiere.

Fans were delighted by the ten episodes of season 4, and now they await an official release date for the fifth installment, of which filming work has just recently been completed. During an interview with TVLine, Hurwitz released the first teaser revealing which villain from the Karate movies will be featured in the upcoming Cobra Kai episodes.

The co-creator and executive producer of the Netflix series told TVLine that with season 5 of Cobra Kai the violent antagonist of Karate Kid 2, Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto), will be back after his first appearance on the show. third installment in the series. The character returns to give Daniel LaRusso a hand when he is almost convinced that he is losing Miyagi-Do.

According to the producer, Chozen is someone who relates to the more aggressive past where fighting was not about competition, but about life and death. The character still feels that he owes Daniel some help and wants to make amends after he forgave him in season 3. He also stated that this will be part of the energy with which season 5 will begin and therefore there are quite a few stories that they start spinning very fast and very aggressively as the next installment comes in whose release date is yet to be confirmed.