Cobra Kai: Renowned actors who were close to playing Daniel LaRusso


Netflix’s Cobra Kai has completely reinvigorated the Karate Kid franchise. Who would have thought that many of the original cast members would return to a franchise that honored the legacy of the project and pushed it forward? While Ralph Macchio had specific reasons why he ended up back in the role of Daniel LaRusso, there’s no question that he was thrilled to be cast in the original 1984 film. Not only did he give him a decent amount of money, he opened up a new phase of his career.

The original Karate Kid cast also included Elisabeth Shue, Martin Kove, Randee Heller, William Zabka, Ron Thomas, Chad McQueen, and of course the late great Pat Morita. There are a lot of things fans don’t know about the making of The Karate Kid, but one of them is the truth about the casting process.

In addition to the fact that numerous major celebrities were considered for the lead roles but lost out, there was a secret to the casting process that was revealed in a Sports Illustrated article, where the names of famous and well-known actors who were very close were revealed. close to the selection process.

The secret to casting the original Karate Kid was to cast the sons and daughters of a host of famous people for supporting roles. While this rule didn’t apply to the main cast, producer Jerry Weintraub thought it would add a specific flavor to the world and perhaps attract more famous people to pay attention to his little movie.

Most famously, the supporting cast included Steve McQueen’s son, Chad, as well as Frankie Avalon Jr., who was John Travolta’s nephew. At one point, Ricky Nelson’s daughter was going to play one of Elisabeth Shue’s character’s friends. But she dropped out and the plan still worked.

While Ralph Macchio was one of the more established actors thanks to his role in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders, he was still relatively new. Casting director Bonnie Timmermann had seen The Outsiders and felt that Ralph could easily carry his own film. So, she brought it. Immediately, director John Avildsen was impressed by the actor.

As for some of the names Ralph Macchio reportedly had to outgrow to be in one of the biggest franchises of the moment: Robert Downey Jr, Emilio Estevez, Nicolas Cage and Charlie Sheen. All recognized names that would surely have given the role a unique imprint.