Cobra Kai: Real life father and daughter who acted together in the last season


Cobra Kai, the action-adventure drama from the Netflix streaming platform, premiered its season 4 at the end of last December and will now return with the fifth installment on September 9, as recently announced. Without a doubt, this is an advance that nobody expected, since traditionally each installment debuts at Christmas.

The successful Netflix series featured in season 3 two actors who have a family bond in real life, and whose characters were related in some way thanks to a particular story. With the next installment, Cobra Kai did the same but with two different interpreters and this time it was Ralpha Macchio who acted alongside her daughter in episode 8 of season 4.

Cobra Kai fans may not have noticed that the actor who has played Daniel LaRusso since the events of The Karate Kid appeared with his real-life daughter in the fourth installment of the Netflix series. While no one expected it, his characters interacted in a story involving the show’s own on-screen son.

ans did not imagine that two members of the same real life family would share scenes in season 4 of the hit Netflix series. Ralph Macchio’s daughter, Julia Macchio, played cousin Vanessa LaRusso in the eighth episode, a psychologist who gave advice to Daniel and Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler) about the origin of their son Anthony’s (Griffin Santopietro) erratic behavior. ).

It is the first time that Julia Macchio appears in the hit Netflix series. The rookie actress, she is just breaking into the world of television, but this has not been her only on-screen role. Ralp Macchio’s daughter, since 2012 she has been working in some movies with small roles.

On her official account on her Instagram social network, Julia Macchio appears in a photo gallery with her father and some other members of her family, her mother Phyllis and her brother, who By the way, his name is Daniel. Among her roles according to the IMDb site, she played Lucy in the movie “Girl Most Likely”, from 2012. While in 2018, film productions “Totally Broken” and another titled “Stella’s Last Weekend” .