Cobra Kai Producers Respond to Fans Who Are “Devastated” By the Upcoming Final Season of the Netflix Show


Cobra Kai has been one of the coolest reasons to brag about a Netflix subscription for years, so it’s no surprise fans are feeling overwhelmed after the streaming service’s big update for season 6. After a long period of waiting, Netflix and the cast have announced the series will return, and this will be its last season, which will cause a devastated reaction on social media and beyond. For their part, the executive producers of the action movie spent some time after the release to share with fans encouraging thoughts about what’s yet to come, and their words of consolation should add a little happiness to anyone who feels upset that this universe is coming to an end. .

After the news that the upcoming final season of “Cobra Kai” will be widely distributed, the EP Hayden Schlossberg and John Hurwitz tweeted to calm the unpleasant feelings and fears of fans about how the story will end. Hurwitz assured one of the fans that the news about the final season was as hard for them as it was for the fans, but promised that the upcoming 6th season would still make an impression.

John Hurwitz promised that season 6 would be the biggest in the series, and it’s not hard to believe based on the conclusions of season 5. Both Team Cobra Kai and the mixed dojo Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang received an invitation to Sekai Taikai, an international karate tournament. Little was known about the tournament, but if it causes the same hype as All-Valley, then it is preparing a grand final.

Some fans of “Cobra Kai” are probably a little worried about how “grand” the finale will be, since it wasn’t publicly known until recently that Season 6 would be the last, which means that upcoming episodes could have been created without this in mind. In response to a fan’s question whether the series has enough time to resolve some of the characters’ storylines and other stories, showrunner Hayden Schlossberg repeated the hype around the season in terms of scale and made a rather hyperbolic comparison with holiday dinners:

I think I’m going to prepare for a feast when the Cobra Kai season 6 premiere takes place, and given some of the events happening at the end of season 5, I see no reason not to. In addition to the prospect of participating in a giant international tournament, Johnny Lawrence will become a father for the third time. Will this third child become a great unifier who will finally make Robbie and Miguel stop fighting?

Despite what the show’s creative team says, it would be a little strange for fans not to worry that Cobra Kai will complete all of its storylines before the end of season 6. With so many attractive characters in the mix, it just seems like a daunting task to try to serve up all your storylines with the right endings when there’s still a basic story to solve.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the story arcs of Miguel, Robbie, Sam and Tori take precedence over characters like Hawk and the fan-favorite Stingray. However, at this stage, there is no point in thinking too much about it, since it is still a long way off. Perhaps fans should just take comfort in the fact that the producers are confident in everything that the upcoming final season will bring.

The countdown to the final episodes of Cobra Kai is already underway, so this is the perfect time to watch it again. Head over to Netflix to watch seasons 1 through 5 and truly appreciate how far this series has come throughout its history!


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