Cobra Kai: Martin Kove revealed what we all suspected about his relationship with John Kreese


Cobra Kai is the series on the Netflix streaming platform, which represents the sequel to the Karate Kid movies that were released on the big screen in the 1980s. The drama premiered its season 4 at the end of 2021, and its production is so advanced that last December the filming of the fifth installment was completed, which is expected to debut this year.

The Netflix series, since its first season, has presented several characters immersed in the Miyagi universe. At the end of this first installment, Cobra Kai brought back one of the most feared villains of the movies starring Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso. Actor Martin Kove reprized his role as sensei John Kreese, who has arrived to join his former student Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

Karate Kid fans who have known John Kreese for a long time know that the character has not changed from his attitude of calculating villain who manipulates the students of the dojo by instilling hatred, and that he still has in mind to destroy Daniel LaRusso. In season 4, the character played by Martin Kove was seen teaming up with Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) to achieve his goal. However, he ended up being betrayed by him.

Keep in mind that Cobra Kai is one of the most successful dramas on Netflix. With four seasons under its belt so far, it has earned critical acclaim and immense support from millions of fans around the world. Its success is due, in addition to its fascinating stories about rivalries, betrayals and romances, also to the excellent interpretation of each of its characters.

Also, it must be recognized that the cast of Cobra Kai is full of high-class actors who do their best when they are shooting in front of the cameras. One of them is Martin Kove playing John Kreese, and it seems that the actor gets so much into the skin of his character that he ends up causing problems in his personal life.

Martin Kove spoke about how John Kreese changed his life. During an interview with The Wrap, the Cobra Kai actor admitted that his work on the Netflix series has caused him some problems in real life, as it has impacted his own personality. This said the star in the middle:

“A big part of John Kreese impacted my personality, which got me into trouble. The character stays inside of me until we get kicked off the show, and then he’s gone.”

“But this year we did two seasons, so John Kreese was in my life for a long time in 2021. He’s a tough guy. He has an impact on other things that you’re doing in your life. You have to be careful. It’s not something you can control, you know?