Cobra Kai: Julie Pierce may return in season 4 of the series

Some rumors have already started to emerge about what the fourth season of Cobra Kai will bring to the public. A recent theory suggests, for example, that the character Julie Pierce (originally played by Hilary Swank) is the mother of Tory Nichols (Peyton Roi List).

During the first three seasons of the production, which serves as a kind of continuation for the classic franchise Karate Kid, viewers watched more about the rivalry of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). The dynamics between the characters, however, reconfigured as the episodes progressed.

Remember that the third season of the Netflix series brought
characters already known to the public in new plots. This is the case of the participation of Elisabeth Shue, who returned as Ali Mills. In addition, there was also a tease involving Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), who was in the third film in the franchise.

Cobra Kai: Can Julie Pierce really be Tory’s mother?

Although mentioned, Tory’s mother has not yet officially revealed her identity. This all helped to fuel further speculation about Julie Pierce, a very interesting character who would have a certain prominence in Cobra Kai.

Previously, many thought that Ali Mills herself could have that role, but season 3 tried to disprove that rumor. Something that is also supporting the theory is that Julie Pierce has not been mentioned in any dialogue so far. Therefore, it is not known what would have happened to her after participating in the fourth Karate Kid film.

There are also several similarities and coincidences between the two characters, which further encourages the fans’ hypothesis. But that can only be answered when season 4 is released on Netflix.

So, let’s wait for more news from Cobra Kai.



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