“Cobra Kai”: Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List have already chosen names for children


Cobra Kai stars Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List revealed their real relationship when TMZ caught them at the airport. Although they are both in their early 20s, conversations about relationships have become serious enough to mention the names of children. Not that any of them planned to have children, but eventually.

Bertrand revealed the children’s names on the May 31 episode of his Lone Lobos podcast. He even confirmed that Liszt had come up with his favorite name for the child. Cobra Kai returns in season 5 on September 9th.

Jacob Bertrand steals this baby name from Peyton List, the beloved of Cobra Kai.

Bertrand paid tribute, but that won’t stop him from stealing the name, even if he breaks up with the Sheet.

“Peyton thought about it, but I’ll steal it no matter what happens, because I think it’s cooler, and it’ll be cooler for my child than for hers,” Bertrand told Lone Lobos. “I like the name Rio because of this Duran Duran song. “Her name is Rio, and she dances on the sand.”

Jacob Bertrand hopes Rio Bertrand is his son

Rio is a gender-neutral name. Bertrand admitted that it could be the name of a boy or a girl, although he hopes for a son. Bertrand also mentioned some other possible names.