Cobra Kai: For this unpublished reason viewers are frustrated with the fandom


Since 2018, Cobra Kai has been debuting thanks to its history, and without a doubt, the fame of this series has increased since it began to be broadcast through the Netflix streaming platform, which has been receiving very good comments from of your subscribers.

However, although Cobra Kai has a lot of fame on Netflix, the truth is that this drama has also had many complaints. Whether it’s because of the constant karate classes, which seem to be twenty-four hours a day, or maybe it’s the toxic attitudes of their teachers.

Recently, Netflix viewers have agreed with these aspects of the program that are obviously not flattering for their fans. Although this modern revamp of The Karate Kid has been surfacing successfully, now some have expressed their great disappointment.

“The writers go to great lengths to paint most of the characters on this show in shades of gray instead of just black and white.”

Apparently, fans are divided on how the personality of each of their characters has been handled, while some criticize their “grey” temperaments, others support this behavior, assuming that in real life people have been able to appreciate those ” gray moments” of people.

Although many disagree, others support that the program is taking a “more real” side, and that is, obviously in Cobra Kai we have seen the reflections of grumpy characters, something that very little is seen on the screens, however, in In real life, this is quite common.

However, while some debate the tastes they feel for each character, others warn that Cobra Kai often makes the characters do extreme things, an alarming attitude, both on and off screen, since a “gray moment” It is not an excuse for bad behavior. They said so:

“I feel like this show sometimes shows characters doing really bad things, makes excuses for their behavior, and then calls it shades of gray.”

Now that all this controversy and difference of views has been unleashed in the Cobra Kai fandom, possibly the production will take action on the matter and try to make simpler stories with its main characters more than anything, from ‘good against evil ‘, which used to be done in The Karate Kid movies.