Cobra Kai: Actors revealed the series went too far in fight scenes


Establishing a movie franchise is a dream come true for any studio, and franchise movies have thrived in Hollywood for decades. The MCU is the main attraction these days, but other franchises may still find a home on the big screen. The Karate Kid franchise began in the 1980s and the rise of Cobra Kai has given it new life. The series has been a success since its debut in 2018 and a lot of behind-the-scenes details are starting to emerge.

The 1980s were home to some truly remarkable movie franchises, some of which have been able to withstand the test of time. Looking back at the decade, it’s hard to ignore the impact the Karate Kid franchise had. Starring Ralph Macchio, The Karate Kid was the first film in the franchise and became a huge success that helped launch Macchio’s career in Hollywood. Even on a tight budget, the 1984 classic smashed at the box office and subsequently launched a franchise that has continued to grow.

Ralph Macchio would appear in 3 Karate Kid films, and a young Hilary Swank would star in The Next Karate Kid during the 90s. An extended hiatus eventually gave way to Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid, which was a huge success that saw him work alongside the legendary Jackie. Chan. The franchise has had many breakups, but in recent years, there has been a massive surge in interest, all thanks to a successful series.

Debuting in 2018, Cobra Kai has become one of the most interesting pieces of pop culture in recent years. It’s always difficult to determine how much interest an older franchise will have, but the overall quality of the show made it a must-see the second it made its debut. What started out as a YouTube show ended up becoming a sensation, and Netflix quickly picked it up. Interestingly, the cast didn’t know they were filming for the streaming giant.

Working on any set can have its difficulties, even for the largest projects out there. This has been the case for Cobra Kai, as some interpreters have given some ideas about filming in harsher weather conditions.

“While filming in the woods for Season 2, Episode 7, the cast explained that it was actually icy, slippery, and very muddy.”

“The actors recalled having trouble timing their fights, especially due to the low temperatures and adverse conditions at the time of filming the scenes.”

This couldn’t have been easy for the artists as they even recognized how the weather affected their ability to perform in front of the camera. This was not as intense as the experience of other actors in extreme action films, but it still shows that nothing is perfect while working on a project. Even with the use of stuntmen, a lot of prep work is required to bring the fight choreography to life, which can also add tension to the performers.

“We had all the stuntmen, all the stunt coordinators, all the actors together. It was a great rehearsal in terms of the number of people. Many hours to train each of the Karate scenes,” explained Ralph Macchio in one of his interviews. .