Cobra Kai: 4th Season Will Bring Big Events, Says Creator


Cobra Kai: Even though the Cobra Kai season 3 recently premiered, right in the New Year, fans won’t have to wait long for the long awaited sequel because the production of season 4 has already been completed and is ready to enter the Netflix catalog!

However, there is no prediction yet as to when this may happen, but the series creators have already spoiled that the fourth season of Cobra Kai is the biggest of all so far. What can this mean? Check out some details that were released by the production of the series that is successful on Netflix!

What to expect from the fourth season of Cobra Kai?

Although they can’t talk much about the story itself, the series writers, when participating in PaleyFest, commented on the basics about the new season.

In addition to reinforcing the grandiosity of what lies ahead, Josh Heald took the opportunity to talk directly to Cobra Kai’s viewers and mentioned that the team’s biggest goal is to keep the audience continuing to engage with Cobra Kai, be it for happiness , anger, sadness or any other feeling.

The highlight of season 4 will be to see Daniel and Johnny come together on the same side to defeat a common enemy. As Jon Hurwitz, producer of Cobra Kai, even mentioned, it will be interesting to see two such different characters collaborate with the same goal. How will they align their opinions in order to achieve the same goal?

There is still no release date for the fourth season of Cobra Kai on Netflix, but everyone is looking forward to the announcement!


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