Cobra Kai: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 5


Cobra Kai: Season 4 of Cobra Kai was recently released on Netflix and fans have already marathoned the new episodes. Now, everyone is waiting for the next season, which has already been confirmed by the platform.

Last season’s finale still left a lot of questions unanswered, from Tory’s discovery of the All-Valley Tournament to Miguel’s surprising departure to find his father. And fans are already waiting for all the answers.

So, check out 10 things we want to see in Cobra Kai season 5!

10. Daniel and Chozen restore Miyagi-Do

Last season saw Daniel and Johnny agree with Kreese and Terry that they would stop teaching karate if they lost the All-Valley tournament, but the fighters don’t really want to do that.

Thus, fans are waiting for a possible return of Miyagi-Do with new students during the next season of the series.

9. Tory and Sam become friends

Cobra Kai villain Tory ended the final season somewhat open to new people in her life and helping with her issues and viewers really want to see a relationship between her and Sam in the show’s continuation.

8. An All-Valley Tournament Rematch

With Tory’s discovery that the tournament was bought from the start, fans are hoping that the next season of the show could see a rematch and the All-Valley could return with the same participants.

7. Anthony LaRusso learn karate

For all his father’s reputation for the fighting style, Anthony hid from all his friends that he didn’t know how to fight karate for the entirety of season four.

Therefore, fans hope that in the continuation of the series he can finally take his place as a fighter and carry on his father’s legacy in the future.

6. Kenny become a good boy

The character Kenny became quite famous since his first appearance in the series for his charisma but the course of the show has made the young man a not so nice person and what viewers hope is that he can redeem himself and not fall into the negative influences of karate.

5. Moon and Eli return to relationship

The conversation between Moon and Eli before the All-Valley Tournament is what helped the young man gain strength and understand his feelings for the girl again.

So, the lovers of the series are hoping that they can stay together during the next season and maintain a good relationship.

4. Johnny and Carmen stay together

Like Eli and Moon, fans are very much hoping that Johnny and Carmen can stay together in the series’ continuation, as their relationship is very affectionate and one brings out the best in the other during the series.

3. Terry gets punished

Terry will likely be the main villain of the next season of the series and as with Kreese, viewers expect that he will be punished properly and will not be able to continue with the control of Cobra Kai and not expand the business of the place.

2. Miguel find his father

Miguel’s arc in the search for his father has attracted a lot of fans and they’re hoping that, over the next season, the character will get the answers he’s been looking for.

He will also be able to return from Mexico with Johnny and will have to go on with life without all the answers, even if it can be painful for him.

1. Mike Barnes return

The return of Mike Barnes is one of the most awaited by fans of the series, since he is the main piece for the continuation of the facts.

Now, after Terry told John Kreese just before the police came for him that he had a few people he could call to help him run the business, theories are that this is Barnes for the task.