Cobb Vant is What Boba Fett’s Book Was Supposed to Be


After “Boba Fett’s Book” proved to be a significant disappointment among fans, it’s surprising why Disney didn’t make a spin-off of “Mandalorian” around Timothy Oliphant’s intergalactic character, Cobb Vant. Vanth was first introduced in the second season of The Mandalorian as Marshall, who used Boba Fett’s Mandalorian armor to bring order to a small town on Tatooine, but handed over the armor to Mandalorian Dean Jarin after the bounty hunter helped him defeat the dragon Krait. Later, in a conversation between Vant and Jarin, it was revealed that the use of Fett’s armor even helped him expel a gang of slavers who took over his city after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Cobb Vanth is back in Boba Fett’s Book, facing a new threat in the face of the Rations Syndicate, a gang trying to take over Tatooine. Having once again defended their city by killing several gang members, the Rations Syndicate retaliated by sending Cade Bane to the city of Wanta, who eventually killed his deputy and appears to have also killed Wanta. It was later seen that he was still alive in the last episode, where it was teased that Vant was recovering in a tank of bacta.

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Cobb Want’s story was a real western with a touch of “Star Wars”, which worked so well in “Mandalorian”, and that’s exactly what “Boba Fett’s Book” should have been. While Boba Fett was constantly sidelined from his own show, Timothy Oliphant demonstrated the charisma needed to develop the plot as the series progressed, and actually gave the character depth and insight. A western by Cobb Want would prove more successful than a show aimed at developing Boba Fett, a character whose greatest strength was the mystery surrounding him.

At first glance, a mysterious bounty hunter armed with a gun sounds like a fantastic plot for a western TV show. Despite the small amount of screen time in the original Star Wars trilogy, Boba Fett became extremely popular with fans because Fett developed so little in the films that there were so many ways to interpret and love the character. This put the “Boba Fett Book” in a strange position where the writers could either avoid the development of the main character of the series in order to keep the secret, or delve more into the character of Boba and risk destroying what attracted many “Star Wars” fans to this character. first of all. Unfortunately, the problem with Boba Fett’s Book was that it also failed.

This is where Cobb Vant could be the best main character in a Mandalorian spin-off like The Boba Fett Book. Vanth’s character did not depend on the mystery surrounding him, but, on the contrary, flourished as a character thanks to his strong background and motives. Cobb Vanth, played by Oliphant, was a charming character that viewers were looking forward to seeing how he interacted with the seedy characters inhabiting Tatooine every week. Let’s hope that Disney has learned from the “Boba Fett Book” and given more opportunities to characters like Cobb Vanth in the future.