Coach Kay Reveals Why He Won’t Attend Games Next Season


Earlier on Monday, college basketball insider John Rothstein reported that coach K. told him he wouldn’t be attending Duke’s Cameron Indoor games next season.

And now we know why. Tells the podcast “College Hoops Today”:

There is no place at Cameron Indoor Stadium — a box or anything like that— where you can escape from the maddening crowd. It’s going to be frustrating because I’d like to be there, but I also don’t want to get in the way.

When asked if he plans to stay away from all Duke basketball games in 2022-2023, coach K. I didn’t say exactly. Explaining:

No. It might be on the road — if it’s a place where there’s a box, but it’s distracting. I don’t want to distract. I don’t need people to see me. But I want John [Scheyer] to know that I’m there if he needs me at any time.

Mike Krzyzewski remains on the Blue Devils payroll as Duke’s ambassador. And after 42 legendary years in Durham, it is well deserved.

It will definitely be an adjustment if we don’t see Coach Kay when the new season starts, since the world of college basketball hasn’t known a world without him since 1980.