CNN Town Hall on Sesame Street: How to Look


CNN Town Hall on Sesame Street: How to Look? As thousands of people across the country continue to march and protest brutal and systemic police violence that disproportionately targets blacks and people of color, Sesame Street and CNN are organizing a town hall on racism. Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism. At CNN / Sesame Street Town Hall for kids and families, the hour-long special will feature CNN personalities Van Jones and Erica Hill animating (with Big Bird) while other Sesame Street characters and experts qualified respond to questions submitted by families.

CNN is doing the nation good by avoiding the flawed cable subscription requirements that generally prevent people from broadcasting their content. You can watch the town hall tomorrow from 10 a.m.ET on or one of the CNN apps (again, without needing a cable subscription). And if you’re some kind of nutcase who always has live TV, you can watch the special on CNN, CNN International . It will also be streamed on CNNgo and on demand via cable and satellite services.

Sesame Street has long been a trusted source of compassionate education for children, and racism is a huge, nuanced, and scary concept to teach them. The town hall is designed to be monitored by children and their parents, but also to provide parents with advice on how to talk to their children about racial violence and injustice and the importance of diversity and diversity. ‘equality. If you plan to watch, you can submit questions on the CNN website.


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