Imagine that one day you wake up, you unlock your mobile phone, you start to explore the news of social networks and you find that your favorite group has published a photo with your other favorite group. Emotional chaos in your mind, right? Well, this is not too far from reality.

The followers of CNCO and Jonas Brothers know what we mean. On December 23, the Latin band decided to surprise their fans with the photo of the encounter with the Jonas brothers in the backstage of a Christmas event in the United States. As expected, the reactions soon appeared.

An image that has caused the madness among users, who have been forced to rub their eyes on more than one occasion to verify that it is not part of a science fiction movie. No, no … it’s real!

“OMG”, “Perfection in a photo”, “How beautiful. The photo of 2019” and “Collaboration?” These are some of the messages that this snapshot received. But let’s pay attention to this last request. Is this the beginning of the process of composing, recording and publishing a joint work? It is not a crazy idea since Nick, Joe and Kevin dared with the Latin rhythms in Runaway with Sebastian Yatra, Natti Natasha and Daddy Yankee.

For now, more details of this possible collaboration are unknown, but dreaming is free, isn’t it? So let’s continue fantasizing about a new encounter between these two referents of the new generations of talents that have not only conquered new territories, but also each and every one of our ears.

And you? What do you think of this unexpected moment? Would you like to hear them together in a collaboration? We read you!


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