CNBC: “Apple and Google Fight War on Corona Virus Related Applications”


CNBC claimed that Google and Apple had literally been fighting against applications related to the Corona virus. CNBC claims that Apple has banned all apps that have been uploaded to the App Store and are not created through government agencies, and Google is also interfering with search results.

The Corona virus, which emerges in Wuhan, China and spreads to many countries, continues to threaten the world. The absence of a fixed method of treatment for the Corona virus, which has up to 100,000 confirmed cases to date, is at least for now, which puts people in even greater fear. As such, people want to access all the information they can get about the Corona virus.

With the widespread use of smartphones, consumers have begun to handle almost all their transactions through their phones. Smart phones, where millions of applications have been developed so far, are currently on the agenda with applications related to the Corona virus. With the spread of the virus epidemic, applications, among which new ones are added every day, are closely followed by Google and Apple.

According to a report in CNBC, Apple and Google have started operating in their mobile app stores. Because recently, numerous applications have been installed on the Google Play Store and App Store, and the vast majority of these applications were related to the Corona virus. Companies that felt compelled to take action, started to remove most of these applications from their stores.

The reason why Apple and Google make such a move is to prevent information pollution. Because the speed of any information spreading is very high in a world where the internet is widely used. People can believe without questioning the accuracy of the news they see on the internet, which quickly causes false information about important issues to spread. This left Apple and Google in a position to act on the Corona virus.

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According to CNBC’s claims, an app developer has received a notification from Apple about why his Corona virus app isn’t accepted on the App Store. According to the developer in question, Apple stated that in order for this kind of application to be released, it must have been developed by an official and authorized organization. In other words, independent developers will not be able to install an application related to Corona virus to the App Store right now.

Apple has allegedly removed access to not only new apps but also apps available in the store. According to CNBC’s report, Apple also removed the apps that were developed by independent developers, which are completely in good faith and that provide data from authorized institutions. Apparently, Apple has very clear lines about the Corona virus.

CNBC claims that Google has a similar purpose and restricts access to search-related results in search results. So Google is a bit more flexible with respect to Corona virus than Apple. However, it is stated that Google will increase the measures in the future.

It is not possible to say that all the applications developed in relation to the Corona virus and added to the application stores are in good faith. Because especially the number of applications developed about this virus has increased significantly recently, and it is believed that this includes malware. Both Google and Apple seem to try to protect their customers by censoring such apps.


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