CME Group Can Do Bitcoin Mining


CME Group, one of the largest derivatives exchanges in the world, may start Bitcoin mining in the coming periods.

Mining Proposal
Dante Federighi, founder of Fortezza Forza RMC Fund, was nominated to join the CME Group’s board of directors. He may begin to take part in the CME Group’s board of directors in the coming months.

Federighi already has quite interesting ideas about the future of the CME Group. One of them is to launch CME Group to Bitcoin mining. Federighi thinks that Bitcoin mining will be beneficial for both CME Group and CME Group investors. Giving an example from companies like BlackRock, Federighi says:

Large investors like BlackRock have also started investing in companies with multiple sources of income. As CME Group, we must invest in solar / wind / hydro energy and generate electricity from here. Then, with the extra electricity we produce here, we can mining for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. ”

According to Federighi, CME Group can generate large amounts of revenue by mining. Federighi proposes that the CME Group will immediately convert the BTCs it collects into fiat. In this way, instant money flow can be provided to shareholders and both CME Group and investors will benefit from this situation.

We do not know whether this proposal offered to the shareholders will be accepted or not. If Federighi manages to enter the board, the CME Group can really take a step ahead.


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