Clubhouse: voice leaks from social network on website


The Clubhouse’s promise to be a secure app for private conversations seems to be shaken. Last weekend, an unidentified user managed to bypass the security of the social network and leak audios from several rooms.

According to Bloomberg, a person, who is probably in China, created a website to capture audio streams from the app. In a note, the social network reported that it has already banned the user and will reinforce security to prevent future unauthorized access.

The fact comes just a week after the Clubhouse announced stricter security measures. Among them, prevent the app from using servers located in China and expand encryption to protect conversations in social network rooms.

Last week, the Standford Internet Observatory (SIO) reported that Agora, the supplier of the platform’s backend, is headquartered in China. This allows the Chinese government to access all content stored in the country in a “national security situation”.

“The Clubhouse cannot offer any privacy promises for conversations anywhere in the world,” said Alex Stamos, a former Facebook security executive and collaborator on the SIO study.

Clubhouse Reply

Following the release of the SIO document, the Clubhouse said it does not use servers located in China. She claims that this would not be possible, as the social network was not officially launched in the country.

According to the company, Chinese users have found an alternative solution for using the app and “the conversations they participated in may have been transmitted through Chinese servers”.

Interestingly, the social network was banned from Chinese territory in early February. The reason for the blockade is that it was being used for discussions on issues sensitive to the Chinese government, such as human rights.


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