Clubhouse: Users Find Section For DMs In The App


Clubhouse: Last Friday (18th), Clubhouse users came across an unprecedented feature on the social network called backchannel, which was an area for exchanging private text messages (the famous DMs) – but the news, soon after , it disappeared. However, it is an implementation that was suggested by Paul Davison, CEO of the company, this Monday (21) .

“I believe there are so many people who exchange ideas this way all the time, who want to deepen friendships and relationships with others and do all kinds of things. I think this is something we should have,” said the executive in one of the rooms on the platform in June 21st, so it is possible that the feature is in fact being developed.

Brian Fanzo posted the finding on his Twitter profile, even though there was still no space for the insertion of content.

In any case, those who are eagerly awaiting the tool may have to wait a little longer, as, in addition to there being no signs of its release beyond this one, Davison stressed that the move would not happen anytime soon.

exploring potentials

The delay, argues Paul, is necessary for the Clubhouse not to lose its identity, so use cases will undergo extensive evaluations. Also, he declined to spoilers on the format of the chats, whether they will be public or restricted.

TechCrunch contacted the company to understand their plans. However, he received an evasive response: “As part of our product building process, the Clubhouse regularly explores and tests potential features. These functions sometimes become part of the app, sometimes not,” said a spokesperson.

Finally, it is worth remembering that a similar solution, Spotify’s Greenroom, already has options of this type, and it would not be surprising if the pioneer followed the same steps.


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