Clubhouse; Screenshots of the Android app appeared


Clubhouse, one of the most popular social platforms of the first two months of the year, still continues to make itself talk. Sales rumors, hacking attempts, and scandals help keep the platform on the agenda. Although Clubhouse is still an iPhone-only application by invitation, this will soon change. The leaks of the Clubhouse Android app’s screenshots to the internet show that the app’s exit is not far away.

It’s not unusual for new apps to test themselves first in the iOS ecosystem. Although there are different reasons for this, this situation that bothers Android users does not seem to change in the short term. However, social media apps like Clubhouse do not have the luxury of ignoring Android entirely. Clubhouse, which has to show up on Android to maintain its success, will not waste much time for this.

In a previous statement from Clubhouse, it was confirmed that the preparations for the Android application are continuing and it was stated that the application was one of the priorities. On the other hand, it can be said that Clubhouse, which works to maintain the stability of the platform and increase its security, is a little behind its target in Android application.

Developer Mopewa Ogundipe, working on Clubhouse’s Android app, shared some of the screenshots on Twitter. Looking at the screenshots, it is seen that the application will at least have the same design as the iOS version of the profile page. Another developer, Morgan Yests, stated that the preparation of the Clubhouse Android application has been taking place for six weeks and the application will be released in May.


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