‘Clubhouse’, podcasts and more will hit Facebook in the coming months


Clubhouse: This Monday (19), Facebook announced, for the coming months, a series of news related to audio for the social network, among them a creative studio, live rooms such as those inaugurated by the Clubhouse and present on Twitter and the arrival of podcasts on the platform, including monetization opportunities for content producers who want to “build businesses while pursuing their passions.”

According to the company, the toolkit under construction will be powerful enough for professionals, but also intuitive and fun. In addition, thanks to advances made in artificial intelligence, he points out, there will be a guarantee of quality regardless of the recording environment, which may be complemented with songs from a collection of sounds. Mixing tracks and adding sound effects, voice and filters will be actions within the reach of users.

All of this will give rise to the so-called Soundbites, “creative and short audio clips for anecdotes, jokes, moments of inspiration, poems and many other things”, and tests of the new format should start soon with a limited audience. “We will refine the product [based on] contributions before making it available to everyone”, highlights the company – which intends to unite different concepts, citing accessibility, ASMR and others.

“The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to hear your Soundbites,” says the statement, detailing other plans as well.

Listening center

Soon, the company points out, podcast lovers will be able to listen to them without leaving Facebook, even when running in the background, with more than 170 million people already connected to hundreds of thousands of pages related to this type of content . Interest-based recommendations will allow creators to “reach out and connect with new listeners” directly from the platform.

In turn, tests for the implementation of live audio rooms for groups will begin by the third quarter of this year, a measure that could benefit 1.8 billion users every month.

“As part of this initial launch – and because we know that communities are not just built in groups – we will also bring the news so that public figures can talk to other public figures, experts and fans”, in addition to sharing ideas without additional pressure of being in front of the cameras, informs the company.

In fact, he adds, subtitles and mixtures of different formats will extend this “universe” to everyone.

Audio magic

To “kick-start” Soundbites, Facebook says it has created a fund to support “emerging audio creators and get early feedback on the new product experience”, as well as warning that “fans will be able to support their favorite creators and public figures through stars or making donations to causes that interest them. ”

Finally, it indicates, right after the launch, there will be other monetization models, such as the ability to charge for access to a live audio room through a single purchase or subscription.

“We are offering people, all the time, new ways to talk about what they want”, concludes the company.


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