Clubhouse No Longer Requires Invitations And Is Now Open To All


The Clubhouse app no ​​longer requires an invitation from those interested in being part of the social audio network that became a fad at the beginning of the year. The news was announced this Wednesday (21) by co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth.

In a post on the app’s official blog, they announced that the service “has out of beta, is open to everyone and ready to start its next chapter”. Davison and Seth defended the use of the invitation system in the initial phase of the platform, but stated that they always planned the opening.

“Everyone in the world should have access to meaningful conversations. And the Clubhouse’s best rooms are those where you meet people outside your social circle, with very different views and lived experiences that change your perspective on the world,” the creators wrote .

With the release, all ten million people who were on the Clubhouse waiting list will be able to complete their registration and join the audio app. However, their access will be gradually released, according to The Verge, meaning not all of them will be able to immediately join the service.

Growing competition

The opening of the Clubhouse to everyone comes amid an increase in the number of competitors, which seems to have affected the platform’s popularity. In February, there were more than eight million downloads on the App Store, a number reduced to 900 thousand in April.

iPhone-only until May, when it officially launched for Android, the service now has rivals like Greenroom, announced by Spotify last month, and Twitter Spaces’ audio tool. Facebook also invested in the segment, with audio chat rooms within the social network (Live Audio Rooms).

Trying to regain its space, the Clubhouse has introduced new features such as the DM Backchannel feature, launched last week and which has already had 90 million messages sent.


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