Clubhouse-like initiative from Xiaomi: Mi Talk


Recently, the Clubhouse application, which has been very popular, has attracted the attention of manufacturers as well as users. After Spaces uncovered by Twitter, news of a new initiative came from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi launched the Mi Talk initiative in November 2010. Although the service was very popular a few years ago, it reached 70 million users with 7.5 million active users as of September 2014.

Xiaomi comes with Mi Talk app

Working with the invitation system, Clubhouse can still be used on iOS systems. As uncertainty persists for Android users, new news came from a serious competitor.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is preparing to return to the market by refreshing the Mi Talk application, which it recently unplugged. The company will release its audio-focused application on the iOS and Android platform with the new.

Xiaomi, which directly takes the professional segment to the radar, will first bring its application to the local market. However, his decision to take the Clubhouse global to become his rival is not yet known. Also, the features of the application other than voice communication are also a matter of curiosity.


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