Clubhouse Has Brazilian Dandara Pagu As Application Icon


Clubhouse: Since last Sunday (20), the Clubhouse’s face on cellphone screens is that of a Brazilian woman. Recife’s cultural producer Dandara Pagu was chosen to be the icon of the app on the world audio network. The platform periodically changes personalities on the screens. This time, the Japanese artist Drue Kataoka came out and Robeane Silva Rodrigues, our Pagu, entered.

The new Clubhouse icon was born in Recife (PE), but currently lives in São Paulo. In her hometown, Dandara Pagu was the creator of the feminist carnival bloc Vacas Profanas. In addition to being a digital communicator, she is an activist and activist for the rights of black women in Brazil.

Bringing a life story with situations of poverty and violence, managed with determination, resilience and attitude, Dandara Pagu started to stand out in the Brazilian Clubhouse community, after participating and moderating conversations about politics, racism and activism. Among the participants, the presence of personalities such as Luciano Huck and Preta Gil is common.

Protagonist of the story itself

Recognizing that it is unfair that a person who has been a victim of racism and violence herself should take on the brunt of moderating discussions on the subject, the Clubhouse emphasizes in its statement that “Pagu does this with endless clarity and incredible grace.”

However, Dandara often has to move between the chaos of political and social ideology to dialogue with everyone, even those who deny their basic rights as a black woman. The weapon she uses to overcome survivor status in a family of 12 siblings (four of whom died as children) is empathy and even a possible dose of optimism.

After several notable actions, including the SOS Acre event, which raised $100,000 for needy families in that state, Dandara says that people who follow her at the Clubhouse are attracted by the feature that first caught her attention on the platform: the ability to be herself and become the protagonist of her own story.


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