Clubhouse: handover to send money to creators


The voice chat platform Clubhouse made it possible for its users to send money to the content creators on the platform. The company will not make any deductions from users for this first cashing tool it has placed on its platform.

However, at this stage, not all users will be able to pay from Clubhouse. In the statement made, it was stated that the feature, which was offered to a small test group in the first place, will be gradually opened to all users.

To send money to a user in the Clubhouse, it is necessary to go to the user’s profile and then tap the “Send Money” button. Users will also pay a small “payment processing fee” to the Clubhouse’s payment system partner, Stripe. Those who will support another user for the first time are given the opportunity to choose between credit or debit cards.

Clubhouse announced its first creator support program a few weeks ago. Under this program called “Creator First”, 20 prominent content creators and program owners were given the opportunity to earn money through their shows.

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