Clubhouse for Android will arrive when?


The Clubhouse has become a true phenomenon in recent days, reaching 600,000 registered users in a few months. For now, only owners of iOS devices can enjoy the novelty – which shouldn’t take long to change, according to the company behind the app, as a version dedicated to Android is part of their plans.

“From the early days, we wanted to build the Clubhouse for everyone. With that in mind, we are excited to start working on our Android app soon and to add more accessibility and location features for people around the world to experience. it in a way that looks native, “said the company in an official blog post.

Before that, he says, the team needs to make sure that things continue to work properly. “We have grown faster than expected, causing many to encounter red error messages when our servers are in trouble,” stress the creators.

To circumvent this obstacle, they comment, they will direct a large part of the last round of financing they received to technology and infrastructure improvements, with the objective of dimensioning the platform experience, always keeping it “fast and with high performance regardless of how many people are up. joining “to the fever of the moment.

There’s more out there!

Optimized user support, improvements to ratings and discoveries and a new subsidy program for content creators are not beyond the expectations of the Clubhouse, which will guarantee incentives for those who wish to head rooms and will help the platform to raise more resources, as well as to be free, it is not supported by ads.

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