Clubhouse for Android Begins To Be Tested By Some Users


Clubhouse audio chat platform has finally started testing with a version of the Android app. The confirmation came this Sunday (2), through a post on the company’s development blog.

According to the team, there is still no exact date for the arrival of the stable version for download on the Google Play Store.

“[The version for] Android is still not working, but we have started to release an unstable beta version for some of our friendly testers. If you hear someone say they are using Clubhouse in the official Android app, give them a warm compliment! We can’t wait to welcome more Android users to the Clubhouse in the coming weeks, “says the statement.

Remember the fever

In February 2021, the Clubhouse became a true phenomenon by bringing celebrities and ordinary users together in chat rooms with only the voice – with the difference that it was only available for iOS, which diminishes interest in the service in countries dominated by Android, as is the case in Brazil.

In response to the platform’s rapid rise, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit have already released previous versions of their own similar services.


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