Clubhouse app can be used for scams


The social network Clubhouse, which is focused on audios, is gaining a lot of popularity, but its success may open doors for scams on the internet. Security company Kaspersky warns that the platform could be used over the next few weeks as a weapon for cyber criminals.

The main factor that makes the Clubhouse a great bait for scams is its limited distribution. Currently, the app is only available for iOS and can only be accessed through invitations.

According to Fabio Assolini, senior analyst at Kaspersky Brasil, cybercriminals can take advantage of limited availability to sell fake social network invitations. With so many expectations around the tool, the scam can be a way to get easy money from people interested in joining the social network.

Fake apps can arise

Assolini also points out that the limited launch of the Clubhouse could yield a wave of fake apps in the coming weeks. The expert believes that a series of applications trying to simulate the platform may appear on Android, which has not yet received the social network.

Assolini points out that users should be careful not to download malicious apps, which can be used to steal data. “If the user installs a fake version of the Clubhouse, he can give the cybercriminal access to the security settings of his Android device, such as allowing access to the approximate or exact location of the mobile device, recording audio and video, hacking messaging applications, among others “, explains the specialist.

It is worth remembering that the confusions involving the name of the new social network have already started and even interfered in the financial market. Earlier this month, the media company Clubhouse, which has no connection with the social network, saw its stock price increase by up to 100% because of the popularity of the new app, according to the Financial Times.

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With a focus on sharing audio content, the Clubhouse already has 600 thousand users on iOS. The app’s developers are working on an Android version, but have yet to reveal a release date on Google’s operating system.


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