Clubhouse Announces Area for Creators and Updates App Icon


Clubhouse, an audio social network, has just launched a new area dedicated to the platform’s content creators: Creator Commons. The novelty promises to expand the potential of the social network, which has more than 700,000 rooms created daily. The app also had its icon updated, which now features the face of comedian Leah Lamarr.

In order to answer the most common doubts of new members and help content creators who want to grow in the network, the Clubhouse created Creator Commons, an area in the app with tips from the app’s own team and from creators who have experience in the network. The app, which is now available to everyone, allows access to the room for any user.

In the area, you can find several guidelines on how to browse the web, guidelines, ways to plan and produce content, how to host or use the rooms, among other tips. In addition, we have Creator First, created to support content creators with the tools and resources necessary to produce programs on the platform.


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