Club León left without stadium, evacuated


On the morning of this Friday, a mobilization began at the León Stadium, the Pachuca Group entered the building to protect the trophies and belongings of the León Club, since the legal representative of the stadium, Roberto Zermeño, would take possession of the place.

At 7:15 in the morning, the legal representatives of Zermeño arrived at the stadium, to the shock of the fans and the press.

The president of the León Club, Jesús Martínez, published a message after Roberto Zermeño took physical possession of the León Stadium and affirmed that the stadium will remain his home.

“Our people and our fans are the ones that have given life to Club León. This team is from the people, and the stadium is their home. At Club León, we belong to our people. We carry it in our soul ”, wrote Jesús Martínez.

In 2019, Zermeño won the lawsuit that supports him as the legitimate owner of the León Stadium and won the property to the municipality, which had the property for rent to Grupo Pachuca until 2022.

However, by winning the sentence they confirmed that they would negotiate with the club for the permanence of the team.

“Today, as in that time (October 2019), we maintain that in the event that individuals wish to generate modifications to said lease, they must carry out the negotiations and agreements that they consider pertinent to safeguard their rights.

It is our wish that the interested parties reach agreements so that the León team continues to play in the stadium for the benefit of their great fans and that this situation does not affect the good performance they have in the current tournament, ”said the City Council in a statement.


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