Cloud Gaming Service Amazon Luna Announced


Amazon’s new platform, Amazon Luna, which allows web-based gaming such as Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming, has been announced. Along with the new platforms, a game controller named Luna Controller has also been introduced.

Amazon, headed by Jeff Bezos, which rivals Netflix with Amazon Prime, has now announced its cloud-based game service Amazon Luna, which will rival Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Announced at the company’s 2020 hardware event, Amazon Luna will offer players a library of more than 100 games on PC, Mac, Fire TV, iPhone and iPad using a web-based client.

With a price policy of $ 5.99 per month, the service allows players to play 4K / 60 FPS on two separate devices at the same time. Amazon Luna, which will provide a “game channel” like Amazon Prime Video’s additional channel subscriptions, will give access to games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Far Cry 6 on the day the channel is launched, in partnership with Ubisoft.

Exclusive controller for Amazon Luna: Luna Controller

Amazon Luna, which will also have integration with Twitch streams, will come up with a special controller, just like we saw in Stadia. The game controller, which will be released under the name Luna Controller with Alexa support, will be available for $ 49.99 in the first early access period of the service.

Luna Controller, which is Alexa compatible, connects directly to the cloud so that you do not have any difficulties while playing on both the phone and the PC, and allows you to always play with your own settings. Featuring a multi-antenna design that prioritizes uninterrupted Wi-Fi, the controller has ping levels between PC, Fire TV and Mac between 17 and 30 milliseconds.

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Amazon Luna will appear for Android in the upcoming period, but let’s say that it will not come to this operating system in the first period. We have begun to see that Amazon has invested more in its monthly subscription system in recent years. Amazon Luna stands out as one of these projects.


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