Clothes found in Niurka Marcos’ closet


Niurka Marcos has a long artistic career that has been full of scandals but especially a lot of glamor. And something that has characterized her is her unique style when dressing because she has clothes that everywhere give something to talk about. And if you’ve ever wondered what her wardrobe looks like, here we leave you a little tour of all her clothes.

In a video in which she gave a tour of her extensive closet, the Cuban showed all the sections that divide her closet. Among the hundreds of shoes, hats, coats, dresses and ballerina costumes, there are great stories that ‘Mama Niu’ holds in her heart.

Its ‘winter clothing’ section is made up of fur coats, vests, ponchos and scarves for every occasion. It has them in all colors and says that it is ready for both day and night. She even revealed that she has several that she bought and has not released.

On the other hand are their costumes, among which can be found from eccentric dresses to revealing outfits. Along with these is a large collection of caps in which she includes some that her fans have given her. Something that she confessed is that she does not throw away the gifts of her admirers because she keeps them with great affection.

In a cabinet, as if it were a treasure, the dancer keeps the dresses she has worn for special events. She says that this section is very special because each garment represents an event in which she looked spectacular.

But without a doubt, the stars of her wardrobe are her collection of shoes and her bags. Niurka assures that she has more than a thousand pairs of shoes, each one is arranged by color and type. Right on the other side is her wall full of bags which she also has organized to choose which one to use on each occasion.


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