The closest concept design expected for PlayStation 5!


Despite the Xbox Series X design and many hardware features, its rival Sony has yet to make an official statement about the new PlayStation. Although the Xbox Series X, which is expected to go on sale at the end of 2020, is anticipated, its rival Sony PlayStation 5 design and hardware features are just as curious. With the concept designs released today, the closest PlayStation 5 design has been announced!

The closest Sony PlayStation 5 design has been announced!
Although Xbox Series X, which is expected to be the biggest rival of PlayStation 5, has officially appeared with its many features and designs, there has been no explanation from Sony about the new game console for a long time. With the delay of games such as The Last of Us Part II and Iron Man VR, claims that Sony will offer PlayStation 5 with these games started to be revealed.

Of course, in this process, Sony did not reveal anything about the new game console. However, in the light of the leaks that have emerged so far, the closest concept designs of PlayStation 5 have come to light.

Known for its accurate leaks, LetsGoDigital has partnered with designer Snorey to render images, revealing the expected box design of PlayStation 5. While many different concept designs take advantage of strange shapes, the most realistic design looks like this. We have seen lines inspired by Nintendo GameCube in previous designs. But this design looks like an inspired and improved version from PlayStation 4 Pro.

While many leaks also indicate that the device will come with a PlayStation 4 Pro-like design, it has become a strong possibility that the concept designs are expected. Of course, Sony is also expected to make an official statement during this process. The introduction date of PlayStation 5 seems to be delayed for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, besides this design, there are also many concept designs that have been released before. You can access one of the examples from the video below.

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