Close to European Union approval for Google Fitbit


Google seems close to obtaining the necessary approval for Fitbit from the European Union. The internet giant made a deal last year for $ 2.1 billion to buy the wearable manufacturer. Google, which agrees to make some concessions for the approval of the European Union; He seems to have managed to alleviate authorities’ concerns that this acquisition would give him too much power.

Google announced its plan to purchase Fitbit on the first day of November last year. The sale, which was made entirely in cash, was planned to be completed before the end of this year. Reports that the European Union’s monopoly officials were examining the agreement came to the fore in August. Officials worried that the acquisition would provide Google with more personalized data, which would increase the company’s dominance in the online advertising market.

According to the news of Reuters; Google has agreed to limit the use of Fitbit’s data for ads and to monitor this process more closely. The company has also pledged to continue its policy of supporting other wearable product developers on Android, and stated that Fitbit users can opt for third-party services. These third-party services will be able to access Fitbit data with user consent.

Although these are relatively minor concessions, it should be noted that the process is not yet complete. The European Union will receive feedback from competitors and consumers before accepting Google’s suggestions. Therefore, it seems likely that the internet giant will make extra concessions. The European Union’s decision for the Google and Fitbit deal will be announced on December 23.


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