Close to closing Gareth Bale’s whimsical loan


When Real Madrid signed Gareth Bale in 2013, it became the most expensive signing in its history, an investment that today seems one of the worst in the white team, especially due to the disastrous attitude shown the previous season .

Now, the merengue team needs to get rid of the problem that Bale generates in the payroll, since he is the player who earns the most on the team and yes, the one who plays the least too. His departure is a priority regardless of the fact that Real Madrid have to pay part of his salary. That’s how desperate he is.

Everything indicates that the Welshman will end up in the Premier League in one of the few teams that can assume his salary (or part of it) and he is clear that what he wants is “to go home”, to Totteham Hotspur.

Jonathan Barnett, the player’s agent, said Tuesday that Bale “still loves” Tottenham and that this is “where he wants to be.” It is also likely that you have realized that being a professional player and not playing, let’s say that we are ideal.

Apparently, Totteham would assume Bale’s salary and pay a transfer negotiated in installments and based on the player’s performance and that is surely far from the absurd $ 1,100 million indicated by his termination clause.

Bale, 31, left the Spurs to join Real Madrid in 2013 with whom he has scored more than 100 goals and won four Champions League titles.

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