Clockwork Shared a New Song “Lost in The Moment” For The Abbey Road Series “Locked Up”


The Clockworks shared a new song “Lost In The Moment” as part of the “Lock-In” series from Abbey Road Studios — listen to it below.

The Galway-based band, signed to Alan McGee’s label It’s Creation Baby, released their debut single “Bills And Pills” in 2019, followed by a slew of singles. Their latest release “Blood On The Mind” was released earlier this month.

Lost In The Moment” was recorded under the influence of the moment at the end of The Clockworks’ “Lock-In” session at Abbey Road Studios. “‘Lost In The Moment’ was originally written for piano, but was always presented as a full—fledged production by the band,” singer James McGregor explained in a press release.

“We were on Abbey Road recording another song, and I sat down at the piano in Studio Three and played it for the band. Over the next few weeks, we started working on a group version of the song. When we returned to Abbey Road at the end of the night, someone came up with the idea to tune the piano and microphone and make a raw live recording to capture the essence of the track.”

He continued: “Originally, this song consisted of three different tracks. I realized that thematically all three songs were trying to create something similar, and even the chord sequences in both were strangely close. I put the songs together and it seemed to me that it made sense. I like the irony of a sincere attempt to make a moment out of the question of whether we have lost the ability to create moments.

“I often find that the more painful the lyrics are, the more playful they can be. As if one allows the other. I think this influence comes from TV shows like Trash or The Office, where the funnier they are, the more painful it becomes when they become sad.” Watch the live video of the song above right now.

In the “Lock-In” series, artists are invited to Abbey Road Studio to record a new interpretation of an existing song or work on a new and unexpected collaboration. Clockwork is joined by characters such as Fontaine, DC, Django Django, Denai Moore and Jane Weaver, who are currently taking part in the series.

Speaking to NME in 2020, McGee reflected on how The Clockworks first contacted him. “The band sent me an Instagram message saying, ‘McGee: We’re a punk rock version of The Streets,'” he recalled.

“I thought: “Cheeky little assholes! Really, I’m interested.” I like working with pushy people, and they are small businessmen. It’s the same with Cat SFX — at another time she would have been a punk hero. She has a firm opinion about everything: she will have conflicting views on the milkman. Such people should be loved, they are the best people.”


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