Clock App Crash For Android Causes Users To Lose Alarm


Clock app for Android, which is installed by default on devices from various manufacturers, has been having issues since the last major update. As a result, several users have lost time recently.

Apparently, the alarm clock is the function most affected by the broken update. According to the Android Authority website, configured alarms simply don’t ring or go into “Missed Alarm” status after a single vibration on the device, which may be insufficient to wake the user up. However, the original reporting team was unable to reproduce the bug in their tests.

Several reports on specialized websites, in subforums on Reddit and even in the app reviews on the Google Play Store bring very similar stories of people who lost their time because of the failure.

Some of the complaints date back to March 2021, the date of the last major update to the app. However, the number of reviews rose considerably in August.


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