Clint Hocking, Xbox Series: We’re building scalable games


The director of Watch Dogs: Legion talks in this house about how Xbox Series S influences the development of a next-gen title.

The director of Watch Dogs: Legion, Clint Hocking, explains in this house his opinion about Xbox Series S. “We built new games so that they are scalable and have many accessibility options for players, even with different hardware configurations” says Hocking, making a parallel with another of the titles in which he played the same role, Far Cry 2.

For the creative, the existence of this model did not catch him by surprise, since they knew it “from the beginning”. “It was not difficult to make sure we had enough headroom for all platforms to have the right experience,” he says. The methodology that his team follows is simple, since they go from more to less. “We develop so that the margin is wide, and from there we cut to ensure that we fit and perform on each of the platforms,” ​​he concludes.

Xbox Series S will be marketed from next November 10 at a recommended price of 299 euros. Know the comparison with Xbox Series X and what we can expect from its hardware.

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